A Bangor Mall entertainment venue that was forced to cancel a month's worth of shows because they didn't have a city-issued special amusement permit, will be allowed to move forward with live shows.

Earlier this month, we told you of the issues surrounding G-Force Entertainment's challenges. While it had the state-level entertainment license, management discovered, after the fact, that didn't have the city permit. This was an oversight G Force owners say they shared responsibility with city officials, who they claimed failed to point out that they needed one during the opening process.

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Because they lacked that permit, G-Force had no other choice but to cancel all of the scheduled shows for the month of March or face a fine, until they could go before the Bangor Council for approval.

Before Monday's meeting, more than 800 people signed an online petition in support of the club.

Their moment before the city council came Monday evening. Councilors heard from G-Force owner, Brian Plavnick, along with almost a dozen employees, patrons, and performers who spoke in support of the club.

They also heard from Bangor Police Chief Mark Hathaway, who expressed concerns about some safety issues, but said club management had proposed safety measures, discussed in a meeting earlier this month with city officials. Hathaway said he'd be in favor of a conditional permit, giving G-Force a specific time frame to implement the safety measure. The City Council agreed.

The Bangor City Council unanimously approved a conditional Special Amusement Permit to G-Force Entertainment. G-Force may resume live shows while working to beef up security at the venue.

Coming up on April 18, G-Force Entertainment will host Kip Winger, of Winger fame.

You can watch the entire Bangor City Council meeting by clicking here.

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