I am 100% one of the lucky ones. I got my stimulus money in the first round of direct deposit. But it seemed even though that process wasn't flawless for a lot of folks, things seemed to get a lot hairier when it came time for the paper checks to roll out. And meanwhile, folks around here were waiting for money they really, really needed.

Between government hiccups at the beginning, and the IRS seemingly not being able to get check going to the right places, there seemed to be a lot of grumbling on social media. And rightfully so. Again, with mouths to feed and bills to pay, many folks were looking for that little shot in the arm to carry them through.

According to NBC News, one of the latest rounds of payouts have been coming in the form of a prepaid debit card. The problem is, there's nothing on the outside of the envelope that the card arrives in, to indicate it's something official from the government. And again on social media, people began sharing tales of not seeing payments.

Then it started to come out that some people got a piece of mail that looked like some kind of junk mail, that turned out to have their payment inside. Which has even more people wondering if it's possible they chucked their payment straight into the trash. All the envelope says on it is "Money Network Cardholder Services".

I would likely assume it's just another card application of some kind. But it may be worth another look through that stack of junkmail and double check. As if there aren't enough problems right now... Hopefully if you've been waiting for your money, the wait will be over soon.


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