Today our mission is to find out what your favorite non-breakfast, breakfast foods are. For instance, do you often eat cold pizza in the morning? No? Well, maybe you should start.

JStew: Sure.... everyone loves cold pizza. Really, it's one of my top 5 foods. doesn't really matter the time of day. I'll purposefully order a larger pizza than I can eat, so I can have leftovers later on. But if I had to choose my absolute favorite next morning leftover... It has to be cold Pad Thai. With the delicate peanut sauce, and hint of spice, it's definitely another one of those foods I order big on to make sure I have some for later. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Cori: I love dessert for breakfast. There, I said it. Cake. Pie. Cheesecake. Cookies. It's all delicious. I do love warmed up pie, the morning after you've made it. And I have been known to eat a slice or two of cheesecake in the AM. It's just like a bagel with cream cheese, right? I do enjoy left-over Chinese food, too. But my go-to is always the sweet stuff!

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Your answers made us hungry for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. All at once!

Brad Rice Pizza, pepperoni
Bob Hatch Loaded pizza!
Carl A. Witham Cake
Summer Rayne Everything is breakfast food if you eat it in the morning
John Worden Any dinner item, but cold pizza is the best.
Keri Whitney Cake
Lynn Hatch Sension Cheesecake.
Kari Jo Davis Cold steak. Pizza, mac and cheese.
Paul Keezer Meatloaf sandwich....
Mary Klein Drouin Anything italian, lasagna, pizza, Candy bar, esp. snickers Ice cream cake.
Mary Sullivan Cold pizza
Amy Schlaefer Rich Pie
Stacy George The best is homemade apple pie the day after a major holiday.
Wayne Mitchell Anything really but my favorite is cold pizza
Shawnna Farley Cold pizza, or cake
Bobbie Lindsey Little Lads herbal popcorn
Cheryl McManus Cold pizza or burritos
Mary Klein Drouin Anything italian, lasagna, pizza
Candy bar, esp. snickers Ice cream cake. My husband says spaghetti
Laura Manzo It’s not breakfast per se or breakfast food but I really like to put ice cream in my coffee.
Mary Houlton Fried salami sandwich
James Naaykens Jr Well since I drive truck and work all night. Usually a baconator for breakfast and a omelet for supper
Nancy Gildred Cookies or brownies
Wendy Clewley Pizza


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