Without naming names I am going to tell you that I personally have known 4 families  including my own that have been devastated this year different degrees by opiates.  These traumas run the gamut of theft to death. And if you think the only victim is the addicted person you are so very wrong.  I am not sure that a family ever completely recovers from having someone they love going down this path. Now add to that the fact that all of the people I know were addicted first not by some creepy guy on a street corner but by a guy with a PHD who took and oath not to harm them and who they trusted, their doctor.

Now I am a fan of 'LastWeekTonight' because he somehow manages to fit  some  pressure relieving humor around very serious subjects.That is why when I first saw this video from John Oliver I was not surprised just confirmed in my heart that once again like cigarette manufacturers saying the smoking posed no danger in the beginning pharmaceutical companies sold us out as well for the almighty buck. The confessions that the people make in this video are eye opening and heartbreaking. I think the saddest one being those who took the drug as prescribed being addicted and them driven to the cheaper alternative heroin.  I don't post this to depress you but I think we need to understand completely before we as a society can effect change.

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