A new effort is underway in Ellsworth to help Mainers struggling with addiction.

It may sound strange, walking into a police station to surrender drugs and get help. Well, that's how things are at the Ellsworth Police Department. Project HOPE, short for Heroin Opiate Prevention Effort, helps connect someone struggling with addiction with treatment centers, detox facilities or support services.

Project HOPE operates on Tuesdays between 8AM and 4PM. It's a coordinated effort between the Ellsworth Police Department and Healthy Acadia.

If you're ready for the first step to recovery all you need to do is walk into the Ellsworth Police Department. An officer will do an initial intake interview. This is when someone can surrender any drugs or paraphernalia without any repercussions. YOU WILL NOT BE ARRESTED. After, a Project HOPE 'Angel' will help get you into a treatment center, detox facility or other support services. Everyone is different, which is why Project HOPE works with individuals one-on-one to find the best help for them.

For more information take look at the video above. Healthy Acadia's Denise Black, Chief Pete Bickmore and Detective Dotty Small of the Ellsworth Police Department joined the More Music Morning Show crew to talk about this groundbreaking new effort.

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