Sometimes I really hate driving a car.

Full disclosure: I didn't get my driver's license until I was 36 years old. It was all but a birthday present that year... Just 20 years late. I certainly enjoy the freedom that goes along with being able to drive. I used to be at the mercy of everyone else. that's one thing when you're like, 20. But when you're in your 30's, your spouse will inevitably ask for a divorce if they have to cart your butt around forever.

I studied pretty hard for the written test, because if you're over 18, that's all you have to do. Take the written test, and get your permit. Then drive until your ready for your road test. I took in a lot of info in a short time, but there's a lot I've forgotten since then. So I'm sure I've done some accidentally illegal things behind the wheel.

How legal is it to bang a U-ie?

At some point in your life, probably dozens, you've had to pull a u-turn. Maybe you were lost, or missed your turn, but whatever the reason we've all done it. But is it actually against the law? Well, that really depends on the circumstances. Sometimes it's illegal, sometimes it isn't. Here's how it breaks down...

A cop friend explained it to me in layman's terms once. Basically he said, if you're not impeding the flow of traffic or acting dangerously in a way that could harm others, you're safe. If you do it in the middle of a busy intersection, causing a symphony of car horns to go off and middle fingers to flight, you're doing it wrong.

The state has pretty clear verbiage on the matter, but it says pretty much what I just said. Except in fancy lawyer talk.

An operator may not turn a vehicle to proceed in the opposite direction on a curve or on the approach to or near the crest of a grade, where the vehicle can not be seen by the operator of another vehicle approaching in either direction within 500 feet.

So ultimately, it's really up to what you decide. Just bear in mind that if there's a cop around, that officer will decide how you handled yourself. So maybe give it a bit of thought. But it's clear case of it is... and it isn't.

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