Here's what they're focusing on this week:

-The contractor will continue placing water line from Sand Point Road towards Old Bar Harbor Road.

- The utility companies will continue conducting telephone pole work from the park entrance to Duck Brook and from Old Bar Harbor Road towards Baymeath Road. This work includes setting new poles and running wires. Some traffic signal work may also take place at the intersection of Eagle Lake Road and Route 3.

- The contractor will continue working in Somesville at the intersection of routes 102/198/3.

As you can see, the MDOT will also be working elsewhere, as they prepare detour routes too.

The Maine Department of Transportation continues road work from 0.57 miles west of Sand Point Road to the intersection of Route 3/Eden Street and Route 233 in Bar Harbor. The project was announced in the final quarter of 2016, and work will continue until the spring of 2019.


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