Some things you read on social media, and you just can't believe your eyes when you read it. That was me this morning. I just this minute, read on Facebook, that Nicky's Cruisin' Diner is closing their doors forever. They announced it just this morning on their Facebook page.

Nicky's is literally Bangor history. I remember my sister worked there when she was in high school. I remember sitting in a booth pretty much wanting to die, because my appendix was exploding on the day of my sister's wedding. But naturally, I didn't know why I was sick, and I was trying to choke down some pancakes.

But it's literally been a Bangor institution for decades and decades. But their last breakfast service will be on June 30, according to their Facebook post. So I imagine it'll be extremely difficult to get in over the next several days. As it should be. For all that Nicky's has done for the community, we should send them off with a bang!

Not only did they have great food and ice cream, local hot rod enthusiasts used to congregate there on summer nights to scope each other's cars and enjoy some shakes and fries. It's always the little things that folks will miss the most. Just like this. It'll be interesting to see where the car guys go now...

It's definitely a sad day for our community. Nicky's was a legendary spot that will be talked about for years after it's closed, like other famous local landmarks. It'll be right up there with likes of The Bangor House and Pilot's Grill. Everyone around here definitely has memory of Nicky's. Hopefully, everyone gets a chance to stop in and have one last shake before it's all gone.

But thanks for everything, Nicky's. You really gave Bangor a home. And a hot meal.

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