I think sometimes as adults, we tend to overthink things. And when we do, we often overlook the most obvious solutions to life's problems. Then there are times when kids just look at the world with their slightly simpler view, and solve pretty big problems on our own. To that point, let's talk about Alexandrea Fullerton.

She's a 7 year old girl from Rockland, and her parents have been pretty open with the whole family about the coronavirus. So while going through her toys recently, Alexandrea, thought maybe she could sell some of her toys and use the money to help people out, according to WGME - TV13.

She's been selling her old Barbie dolls and some other things on Facebook Marketplace. When something sells, they get it properly cleaned up, and make arrangements for a safe pickup with the buyer. And so far, she's raised $60, which she split between Pen Bay Medical Center and the Warren Food Pantry.

Alexandrea is hoping other kids will do what she's doing as well. This whole thing was her idea. she just simply wanted to help out the people around her as best as she knew how. And let me be the first to say, her best should be a fine example to the rest of us. We should all learn to go for the simplest solution to the biggest problems.


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