Photo: JStew
Photo: JStew

For this week's installment of 'What's This Wednesday' we looked no further than the studio for a change. With the photo clue given, do you think you know what it is?

JStew: For a change, I know exactly what this photo is, because I took the picture! Usually Cori is the WTW photo queen, but today it's me. Well, photo king. Either way, I didn't have to look too far, as this little bit of mystery came right out of the I-95 studio. So that probably narrows down the guesses quite a bit. But still, there were some great guesses, so be sure to check them out down below.

Cori: I always love it when JStew takes the pics, because I have no idea what they are--guess I like being stumped. This week, he didn't even send me the answer till the next day. I thought, like many, that it was some sort of screen or speaker cover. I should have known it's something that was so much more familiar...that we use every day...

Good clue, my friend. You had me stumped!

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Let's check out all these guesses, and enjoy the wicked wrong ones together...

Rob Irwin A area rug?? Or part of your carpet??
Rick Thibodeau Close up on patio furniture material
Sharon Hoffman Brasier Metal Screen??
Alex Demers Window screen
Sally Thompson Scarf
Robert Kaye I don’t know but I saw some idiot wearing a mask made out of this the other day lol
Lynda Roberts placemat?
Lori Lowell Microphone?
James Naaykens Jr Kinda looks like some kind of vent
James Brasier Patio furniture
Mary Sapiel Looks like imitation wicker
John W. Everett Speaker cover
Steven Nash A seatbelt
Jennifer Potter Bike chain
Sandra Lyn A chain link
Joshua Moore Trampoline floor
Kari Jo Davis Microphone, or less likely, filter screen to an exhaust hood over a grill.
Darren L Robinson Pizza rack
Lisa Gallant Looks like chain mail. Maybe the kind that goes over a fireplace?
Here's the big reveal! It's the chair from here in the studio!
Photo: JStew
Photo: JStew


And this week's winners (of bragging rights) are...
Christian Winslow Office chair mesh
James White Office chair back
Larry DeWitt the back of a chair?
Sadie Freedom Back of a chair
Kelly Anderson Looks like the back of an office chair
Michael Grant Back to an office chair


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