I'm pretty sure right now, everybody has been checking their mailbox multiple times a day to see if their stimulus check from the government has arrived yet. The roll-out date seemed a little vague, and to be honest, I can't even really personally tell you how it was prioritized. But, it looks like you might get a bit of helping tracking it's progress.

According to a post from WABI - TV5, the Internal Revenue Service hopes to unveil an app that help show where your check is. Kind of like a tracking a package when you order something online. Using the Get My Payment tool, folks will be able to verify account info, check your payment status, and confirm your payment type.

It's worth pointing out, that this site, or talking directly to an IRS representative are the only ways you should handle any personal information. The IRS will never reach out to you to verify account info or anything, nor will they text you or send you a post card in the mail directing you to do anything. Don't do it. It's a scam.

It'd be nice to think that there aren't people out there looking to scam other people out of much needed income right now, but that's not really the world we live in. So protect yourself. But more than anything, I hope you're doing the best you can with whatever life is throwing at you right now. Stay strong.

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