JStew & Cori here for Throwback Thursday.... We wanted to know: Growing up, what song did you think you knew the lyrics to, only to find out you were totally wrong?

JStew: There's a line in 'You Shook Me' by AC/DC that for years, I heard as, "She's got the cyclist's eyes, telling me no lies..." Of course the line is "sightless eyes", also known as boobs. But cyclist's eyes made sense to me, because she had such bangin' American thighs. I thought could only come from intense cardio/muscle training. I finally had to look it up online. Not that I ever really thought my version was right, I just couldn't figure out what the real words were for the life of me. Yes, I am that dumb.

Cori: A guy I once worked for thought the part in Magic Carpet Ride that says "I looked around, lousy candle's all I found" was actually "a thousand camels' all I found." Now I can't hear anything but that when I hear it!

When I was a kid, and Vanilla Ice came out with Ice Ice Baby, I was so convinced that the opening line was "Stop! Grab a rake and listen" that I actually had dance moves-in which I would grab a rake-incorporated to the dance routine my friends and I came up with for it. I had no idea, until I was in my 20's, that it's "Stop, collaborate and listen."

Fun fact: Misheard lyrics are actually called Mondegreens and you can read the backstory on that right here. So, let's take a look at all your Mondegreens, shall we?

Justin Choiniere Mandrel Mann, blinded by the light. It’s revved up like a deuce, not douche! 
Betsy Goodwin Aerosmith. Walk this way. Totally thought he said Marcus Wayne which was super confusing. To be fair to myself I was around 10. Lol
Dennis Bean I have a few...but my sons favorite song was..." Juice Box Hero". CCR....Yeahh...the bathrooms on the right...i heard alot of ccr coming up from my parents basement as a child..i had no idea that song was Bad moon on the rise.
Shari Giffard Keefe I had a friend who thought Dancing in the Streets was Dancing in the sheets!
Greg Miller Most of them
Cheryl McManus In a godda vita or how ever it’s spelled
Wendy Clewley Well not about the lyrics but every time I hear Modern English song I melt with you I cant help but think of a grilled cheese sandwich!
Lynn Hatch Sension I don't even know where to start. One of the funniest was "Lucille" by Kenny Rogers. For my entire childhood, and some of my adulthood, İ was pretty sure that Lucille left him with "four hundred children and a crop in the field."
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