It's time for 'What's This Wednesday' again..... This thing could make a variety of noises. So what is it?

Cori Skall
Cori Skall

JStew: I did a double take at this week's photo. It took me a couple guesses, that were wrong, and then I peeked at some of the answers on Facebook, and realized fairly quickly what it was. But it was throwing me for a hardcore loop at first. As do most of Cori's photos. She apparently has way cooler things at her house than I have at mine.

Cori: Long story short--there's a door in my house that is a pain in the rear. It never closes correctly; it's either too tight or way too lose that it almost doesn't latch! As I was checking out the hinges, I thought "Hey, these are shiny and look cool." And the rest is What's This Wednesday history. As I suspected, most people knew, right off the bat, what it was. But there were definitely some pretty creative guesses, too.

Cori Skall
Cori Skall

A lot of people got it right, and we enjoyed the creativity of the ones that weren't, haha. Let's look at our listeners guesses....

Jeff Bishop Steel pipe partially cut in half
Paul Keezer Willie Wonka's Golden Cigarette....
Cheryl McManus A hinge
Ray Brunet Crack pipe?
Diane L. Burr Looks like part of a pipe organ
Rob Irwin Some kind of a whistle or a wind chime.
Brad Rice Freddie the Flute
Shari Giffard Keefe A hinge
Greg Miller Door hinge
Robert Kaye Definitely a door hinge
Becky Rossi coin bank
Jeffrey Edick No
Sally Thompson Hinge
Scott Tucker Looks like a hinge
Cassie Clukey Mitchell Door hinge?
Ron Mcleod Cut in a stove pipe
Gayle Bignell Door hinge
Lynn Gary Door hinge
Albert Harper Chimney pipe
Kari Jo Davis Looks like stove pipe, so must be a door hinge.
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