To say it's been a trying few months for the local entertainment venue, G-Force Entertainment, in the Bangor Mall, would be an understatement.

This past March, the venue had to campaign to have the City of Bangor grant them a Special Amusement permit, in order to allow the venue to have things like dancing and live amusement available after it was discovered they had failed to secure one from the City.

Citing what owner Brian Plavnick felt was an unjust oversight by the City, patrons and fans of the establishment flocked to City Hall at the end of March to plead to the City Council, that the Special Amusement Permit be issued.

Ultimately, the Bangor City Council agreed to grant them a conditional permit, and the club went on the next month to host legendary Classic Rocker, Kip Winger, in a very successful show.

Sadly, it doesn't look like the venue was able to capitalize on the Winger momentum, and has not been able to fully recover from what they say is an insurmountable loss.

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"Unfortunately, some things happened (we’re sure most know the story, so we won’t rehash it here) that really set us back. So far back in fact that we could not recover in time to save our club. We really tried. The community was so supportive we honestly wanted to continue, but in the end, it proved to be too much. We are truly sorry."

In a statement released on its Facebook Page early Wednesday afternoon, G-Force Management said they'd be closing for good Monday, June 12.

"We will try to keep just the arcade open during the time we are packing up. We apologize to all musicians and entertainers who already had dates booked. We want to thank our dedicated staff for standing by us through all of it, you guys are the best! To our loyal customers, thank you for your patronage, we had fun!"

We reached out to the folks at the Bangor Mall, and they said they had just found out about the closure Wednesday, and as such, have no comment yet on what future plans for the space might entail.

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