The other day, my wife and I decided to walk the Dorathea Dix trail in Hampden. It's a nice little walk down to a point where there's a gorgeous view of the mighty Penobscot as it winds it's way out to the Atlantic. I always feel safe from hunters there because it's a well protected and posted area.

But, on the other bank over on the Orrington side, I heard a couple gunshots. It started a conversation between my wife and I about whether someone was target shooting, or if someone was hunting. Like a lot of folks, my wife thought all hunting was done for the year. I offered that I knew there was some kinds allowed, but not sure what.

Then, almost magically, I came across this post from WGME - TV13. It's no secret that Mainers have been hunting in record numbers this year. Ironically, you can thank COVID for that. With limited 'fun' things to do, hunting became a much bigger deal this year. So, what it being hunted right now?

Currently, folks are out hunting bobcats, snowshoe hare, and fox. That period will see it's end come February, but folks can be out hunting coyotes year-round, as we speak. Through the end of this week, people can also still hunt some ducks, ruffed grouse, and bobwhite quail.

There's another important thing to keep in mind too. This means there's hunters out with weapons, and you should act accordingly by wearing safety gear affixed with plenty of blaze orange. While I don't think I will be mistaken for a ruffed grouse, I'd also not like to be mistaken for anything resembling wild game, hahaha.

Definitely get out and enjoy nature while it's still nice to do so. Deep snow will be here soon enough. Just keep in mind, you're sharing the woods if you're out and about. Being safe is always a solid plan. Happy New Year!

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